Beats & Techniques


what do you do..

with an old world classical education and feet planted firmly in the present? Use it as an excuse to create a one off act that combines classical technique and 21st century sound.

Beats & Techniques gives you license to enjoy music for musics sake, regardless of genre or preference. Aria Scarlett captivates spectators with her haunting vocal acrobatics, while Kristen Sibley provides a much needed grounding with her rich, hypnotic tones. Separate, they have forged paths as well known soloists, together they provide a refreshing look at classic and upcoming music.


Kristen sibley

Kristen Sibley is a Perth based soprano with a background in opera and music theatre. Kristen obtained two degrees from the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts, specialising in classical voice. She has performed as a soloist in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Albert Herring and performed the role of Emcee in Life is a Cabaret. She was also involved in the Australian premier of Gustav Holst’s chamber opera, Sāvitri earlier this year as part of Perth Fringe Festival.  

Songward & Upward

The official page for the collaborative art between sound and movement. A tour ready production consisting of aerials and live singing. A backing track is provided, live musicians can be added upon request. The rigging for the aerialist is stand alone, no staging is required.

Opera and Aerials re-imagined in an unlikely collaboration that renders ethereal results.

Formed in the red dirt of Western Australia this new, fast growing, dramatic installation links two known art forms to create a never before seen third.

In 2018 alone, Songward & Upward entertained thousands of people from a wide range of age groups and background, with a variety of atmospheric experiences to suit any audience.

Each performance is a dramatic center piece, ideal for festivals, concerts and public events. Ambient and original music, composed by the vocalist, Aria Scarlett, organically grown to suit the empowered movement occurring above the spectators.

Below you’ll find links to all the information, facts and specifications that make this incredible production come to life! have a peruse and send us an email!